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Toftastrand is one of the best beaches on the island of Gotland, a 2 km long sandy beach that stretches from southern Tofta to Gnisvärds fishing village in the north. Gotland's popular sandy beach


At any time, during any season, Tofta beach invites you to  the most amazing spectacle of the sea. If it is midsummer or January you can see the sunset  that tells you that there is an island in this sea. The beach is ideal for walking. Above the beach you will find Smågårde natural forest consists of an almost completely wooded part of the area with sand dunes that stretches from Gnisvärds fishing village down to Tofta south.  Gnisvärds fishing village which is one of Gotland's most famous fishing village.


Play Golf at Kronholmens golf course
It's only 10 miles to Gotland's first and one of Sweden's best golf courses with 27 holes. A seasid golf course right by the sea.
Visby GK / Kronholmen
 Other courses in Gotland
 Slite GK         Gumbalde GK     När GK


Gnisvärd is one of the best known kitespots on Gotland. A natural reef makes the water is flat on one side while you find the waves on the other hand, while having steady vind.Strandbacka creditor ideal spot to stay when you are close to all kite spots around the island


If you are windsurfers, just choose what attracts most. Gnisvärd offers nice waves on the southern to the northern winds, a long reef allows you to choose to run flat water or waves. The high season is in the spring and fall, when the winds are at their best while the temperature of the water is pleasant


Gotland can provide a visiting birders experiences of pure wilderness in forests and rivers with golden eagles and cranes, but also the amount of birds in the richer soils at the bird lakes in the meadow and on shore. Welcome to an amazing bird experience on Gotland!


There are many fishing opportunities around the coast of Gotland. Sea trout fishing is the most common. It Wade on 'the pallets' and fish therefrom. No fishing for children and non-swimmers since the pallet edge is dangerous. For an experienced anglers it is quiet and excitement. That in the evening add flundrenät is popular and there is nothing better than a shiny gryningshav pull up the catch of floundering flatfish.